Pommery Mustard / Dijon


Elevate your culinary creations with the authentic and rich flavor of Pommery Mustard Dijon Stone Pot – 250g.

This gourmet mustard is crafted using traditional methods and aged in a stone pot, resulting in a condiment that embodies the true essence of Dijon mustard. Introduce your customers to the world of gourmet mustard with Pommery Mustard Dijon Stone Pot and enhance their dining experience with the unmistakable taste of Dijon. 

Explore its versatility as a classic dipping sauce, a gourmet addition to sandwiches and charcuterie boards, or an essential ingredient in dressings and marinades. 

The 250g size offers a generous amount of this premium condiment, ensuring that you can savor the authentic taste of Dijon in your culinary creations.

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