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If you've been following the life and times of Sarah Quin, you'll be familiar with her love of travel. Sarah is the founder and creative director of Canvas + Sasson, a wholesale furniture and textile business.

Through her work, she has been able to visit a myriad of incredible places sourcing for Canvas + Sasson. This is how a passion for collecting more personal, one-off pieces was ignited. But these weren't any old collectables, they were unique pieces different to the mainstream and that told a distinct story. Sarah finds so much joy in sharing these worldly discoveries, the idea of a concept store naturally evolved. Hence, Home Goods Hardware was born.

Imagine carefully curated pieces from the most unique corners of the world, eclectic and full of character. All are deeply considered and brought together in one place for you to forage and fall in love with.

With everything you need under one roof, tell your own unique story with a home inspired by experiences, travel and the good things in life.

From furniture to fashion, gifts to textiles and more, we promise you’ll leave with beautiful pieces that will invigorate and transform your space.

Whether you’re from the country, coast or somewhere in between, cultivate your dream lifestyle with us.

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