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Science is proving that attitude & beliefs are a larger factor than the age Number or Body age for good health & improved standard of living.

Beliefs are stronger than genes. Your stoke is stronger than treadmills. People’s attitude influences their life. Not only their happiness (or lack of), but their physical condition is tied to thoughts and beliefs. People who “believe it when they see it” live constrained in cynicism (poor aging plan). Oppositely, “seeing it when you believe it” places actions in the hands of beliefs (much better).

Looking at the 3 different parameters on age (the Number, Body & Attitude), our company made choices on where to focus. Our age Number is law. A static trajectory lacking opportunity. We moved to our Body age, which as a consumer product category, has experienced substantial growth. Many movements/products/innovations are born addressing this body age category and people’s physical condition or appearance. Billions are spent on rear view mirrors and band-aids attempting to tell a different story than the story people own today. Authenticity seems difficult for these products/brands and for people who rely on them. Then we sat with the idea of Attitude age for awhile, and became interested…

Attitudes & beliefs as powerful health remedies is now the bullseye of our target. Setting coordinates on this requires turning the tide on cultural perceptions, and recruiting like minded people. We realize that this goes against most of the mass market, and mass culture. We’re asking people to aspire to be more of who they are today. Owning it.

We’re CADDIS and we’re designing eye appliances for people over 40.

Welcome to the New Age.

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HAULIER goods are designed to live a full life and will be all the better for their experiences.

Established in Sydney in 2020 and crafted in Europe to the highest standards from materials of superior quality, HAULIER makes timeless goods that endure.

Its founder, Jeremy Hershan, draws on a career designing for the world’s top luxury and legacy brands. He takes cues from the glory days of travel, his dual Australian and European heritage and the lasting fashions of the past to create contemporary heirlooms using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Quality is the ultimate luxury because it endures, just like HAULIER goods.

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KOBO was created in 2006 by Junko Kobori. Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, she and her husband Louis spent many years traveling the world before settling in Saratoga Springs, NY. Well before mobile phones and wireless networks, the newly married couple explored the most remote parts of the world together. Though difficult to imagine in today's connected age, they were often out of touch with their families and friends back home for years at a time. After reuniting with their loved ones, they had many photos to share and stories to tell of their journeys. Filled with exotic detail and rare beauty, the photos themselves could never express the full range of their experiences. Junko was always struck by the scent of each place and how absent it felt when the photographs were viewed.

How could the scents be expressed and captured? She came to realise that fragrance, one of the key elements in bringing an environment to life, was often overlooked. That extra invisible, but profound sensory experience took you deep into your memories and feelings. From this concept, the KOBO range of home and personal care products was born.

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We believe in pursuing excellence - to us, that means crafting our products the time-honoured way with exceptional attention to detail to ensure every piece is made with integrity and luxuriously crafted to last.  From the spinning of our fibres on traditional spindles to the wooden hand looms, we work with our artisans in celebrating and keeping age-old production techniques alive.

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The idea of styling your home can be an overwhelming task. Whether it be one room or a whole house, we are here to help. Our team of experienced designers can offer tailored styling packages based on you and your space.

Showcasing the very best of Home Goods products, we will work directly with you to create a look that is both unique and deeply considered. No project is too big or small, so chat to us today on (03) 5983 5347.

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