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Call it Home


In Call it Home interior designer and author, Amber Lewis, reveals her detail-oriented approach to renovating, decorating, and building a beautiful home. Amber shows how the tiniest of features were used to create her eclectic, laid-back Californian look. In Call It Home, she shares her secrets to choosing and applying fabric, paint, finishes, tiles, flooring, and more, for a beautifully designed home, shortcutting the often-overwhelming decision-making process.

Amber walks you through eight new homes she designed – including her own – and the thought processes behind every major choice. Whether you’re decorating one room, renovating your entire house, or planning a new construction, she shares how to approach a project from start to finish, guiding you on how to get the perfect results. Through personal essays, you’ll learn how she set about the project, what challenges were faced, and the materials she used to achieve the finished result.

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