Saturday Night Pasta

Dried Pasta / Pipette


Introducing our first SNP dried pasta, Pipette. A perfect pair for our SNP Dirty Martini Pasta Sauce. Made for the times when only dried pasta will do. You won’t find “Pipette” on the shelves in Australia.

In Italian, Pipette translates to “little pipes”. It is a short, rounded, ridge pasta built to capture the sauce in all its curves and crevices. Made from Australian, durum wheat semolina from the “Golden Triangle” area of NSW for Saturday Night Pasta.

This pasta is slowly extruded through bronze dies and gently air dried at low temperature for 48hrs, to preserve the nutritional benefits, the best taste and digestibility. L’Abruzzese Artisan Pasta is an Italian family business who have proudly been making pasta since 1980 using traditional methods.  

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