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The kitchen is often called 'the heart of the home', and there’s a good reason. It’s the place where family and friends come together to cook, eat, and socialise. We design our kitchens in such a personal way, thinking about how they will fit in with our needs and express our personality. Then once lived in, we continue to add snippets of ourselves in the form of cookbooks, tableware, napery and our favourite condiments and seasoning, well and truly cementing it as 'the heart of the home'.
Many of our fondest memories are created at the dining table. Whether it's a celebration with friends, Christmas with the family or a special Sunday roast, our dining area is the perfect place to bring everyone together. Our extensive collection of dining furniture from Canvas + Sasson includes beautifully-made buffets and sideboards for storing your dinnerware, the most stunning dining tables that will last a lifetime and seating to suit all spaces including dining chairs and bar stools.

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You've set the foundation, now it's time to dress the table. Select your preferred colour palette across dining ware, serving and glassware and the rest will fall into place. Explore our great selection of table linens to add the finishing touch.

Collecting cook books is a great way to learn more about different cuisines, cooking techniques, and food cultures from around the world. So if you’re looking for an exciting way to expand your home menu, then start building your own cookbook collection, your tastebuds will love you for it.

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This takes us to our brand shout-out. If you haven't already come across them, let us introduce TASTEOLOGY - a small family affair, created by Nigel Burke & Sara Lundgren. Welcome them into your kitchen with the tastiest oils, rubs, syrups and seasoning, and fill your shelves with beautifully branded bottles and jars. We've stocked TASTEOLOGY for a while now and it's without a doubt a customer (and team) favourite.


A kitchen must-have, serving boards add texture to the kitchen and make it feel that bit more homely and established. Not only that, in the new age of charcuterie and smorgasbord creations, wooden and travertine boards of all sizes have become the go-to kitchen necessity for wine and cheese dates or table styling. Stacked, hung up or used as part of your surface area, these versatile pieces are just as at home in the most contemporary setting as they are in the classic farmhouse or shaker-style kitchen.

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