By Candlelight

There really is nothing more inviting than a candlelit room. Whether it be a cluster collection atop books on a coffee table or a single candle lighting up your bathroom with the bath running, that single light source can add warmth and ambience to a home all year 'round, especially during the winter months.

Let's begin with a new brand that has just arrived at Home Goods Hardware. Introducing Southern Wild Co. Working in partnership with Australian artists, makers and iconic bush poetry, Southern Wild Co takes inspiration from the Australian landscape to craft scented homewares that promote a sense of Australia, the beautiful place we call home.Click below to view 'The World of Southern Wild Co'Explore and shop Southern Wild Co Candles

Different scents can evoke nostalgic feelings and memories whilst the flicker of a candlelit room transforms you into a sense of calm; creating an ambience that you'll want to recreate again and again.
We, of course, love a candle (or two) at Home Goods Hardware. That's why we source the very best and have curated a large collection, especially for you.

Shop Urban Rituelle, Ashley & Co, SOH Melbourne, Gascoigne & King plus many more.
Say 'hello' to your new rechargeable lighter, Flint. 

Flint was born out of the desire to use not just any old lighter, but a lighter that was functional, sustainable and beautiful. For too long lighters have been a mere after-thought, necessary to light an object before quickly being returned to the bottom drawer or thrown away.

Flint’s mission is to be a beautiful product that you actually want to use and display – elevating your entire candle experience without compromising on functionality.

The perfect gift idea. Shop Flint today.
Keep your candles burning bright with our full range of candle accessories. From wick trimmers and snuffers to rechargeable lighters, our accessories will help you give your candles a longer lifespan. With a quick snip of your wick, your candles burn evenly without a large flame, and a snuffer ensures your candle goes out without a smoky afterburn.


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