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We have added a little chilli to great-granny Ida's Green Tomato Relish master recipe as it passes through our hands. The chilli perfectly sets off those sweet and sour notes we love. We are fussy about all the fruit we buy, but we like our green tomatoes to be quite hard and dark green so that they not only give us the slight tartness that we like, but also a good, firm texture. We will use a variety of chilli, picking them when warm and ripe from the sun.

Expect a more savoury relish, with sweet and sour notes. The heat will nicely warm your mouth without blowing your head off.

Delicious with:

  • Your favourite curry
  • Seafood - especially fresh prawns
  • Leg ham
  • Tomato sandwiches
  • Quiche or tarts
  • Eggs any way

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