Sun Reader / Gloss Black


The Root Cause Analysis is a high-density acetate frame, which means it’s created from the good, expensive stuff. The time-tested aviator shape originates back to a date that the Internet is just not giving up that easily…but trust us when we say they’re “timeless.” Sidebar: we've gathered that the words engraved across the tops of some of our frames aren't for everyone. That's okay. For those of you picking up what we’re putting down...maintain radio contact. I read you Houston…and come in Tokyo.

Design Details

  • Vintage-inspired style with a large fit
  • Top of the frame is engraved with “Willie” and “Waylon” in Morse code
  • Metal bars embellish the front of the frame at the temple
  • Sturdy 3-barrel hinges ensure security and stability


  • Frame: Premium bio-based, high-density acetate
  • Hardware: Custom alloy metals
  • Lenses: Proprietary Frq blue light filtering CR39 lens

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