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Modern Dried Flowers


Gathered is an accessible, contemporary guide to the sustainable art of drying flowers. Learn about this chic craft's origins, variety of uses, and the inexpensive practice of drying and elegantly arranging flowers today. Find inspiration and follow step-by-step instructions to master all of the basic skills, tools and techniques necessary to preserving your grasses and blooms beautifully, both for the home and special occasions.

At the heart of the book are 20 stunningly presented projects, from small wearable keepsakes to majestic seasonal centrepieces that can be kept and displayed all year round. This is followed by an index of 50 suitable flowers to forage and grow. Play with texture and colour, discover unusual blooms and botanicals, and create something truly original. These versatile arrangements suit any style from vintage and boho to contemporary and even minimalist.

Exquisitely illustrated with gorgeous photography, master the age-old art of drying flowers for everlasting beauty and wow-worthy d cor.

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