Field + Wander

Dog Rope Toy / Green


Treat your pup to a new chew toy with this Rope Dog Toy from Field + Wander. This round monkey fist knot toy is fun for tug of war, tossing, fetching, and chewing making it ideal for indoor and outdoor playtime. This dog rope toy helps steer gnawing pups away from shoes and other no-chew items while keeping them entertained and allowing them to safely enjoy their favorite activity.

  • Includes: (1) Green Monkey’s Fist Knot Rope Dog Toy
  • Satisfying texture for heavy chewers and great for your dog’s dental hygiene
  • Comfortable loop for you to hold to play, tug, and throw for your furry friend
  • Entertains and exercises your dog’s natural instincts
  • A great giftable dog toy for friends and family
  • Size: Approximately 9.25” long x 3.75” wide

We always recommend supervised your pet's playtime especially with chew related toys. If you notice the chewing or swallowing of any pieces, immediately take the toy away.

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