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Philip Gorrivan does not merely decorate. Instead, he creates a unique and authentic narrative of his clients' next chapter through the singular surroundings he designs for them.

Incorporating vivid hues, a palette of intriguing textures, and a scholarly understanding of exquisite objects, art, and furnishings, his work transcends period and milieu. His aesthetic spans the globe and the decades, from 18th-century English and European antiques to vintage French Modernism and the work of the finest international contemporary artisans. His projects, tailored and layered, are reminiscent of the stylish past, but always utterly up to date.

From the first meeting to the installation day, Gorrivan strives to write the next chapter in his clients' lives as reflected in their singular surroundings. You will see those stories evidenced in the thirteen projects featured on the pages of this book. Gorrivan is master at creating ambiance with surprising, simple gestures. His magic lies in an ability to conjure stories: lacquering a wall and placing in front of it a perfect object or curating a collection of glass beneath a riotously patterned window shade.

With unfailing attention to scale, he is unafraid to wield a jolt of glamour or inject the unexpected, but never forgets that a room must ultimately reflect the genuine inner life of those who inhabit it.

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