Meet the Founder - Sarah Quin

If you want to get to know the story behind Home Goods Hardware, the first person to start with is our Founder, Sarah Quin.​​​​​​​​

Sarah is the founder and creative director of Canvas + Sasson, a wholesale furniture and textile business. Through her work, she regularly visits incredible places all over the world to bring fresh ideas to the business and, in turn, sources unique pieces to bring home to our retail space Home Goods Hardware.

Travel undoubtedly ignites a passion for collecting more personal, one-off pieces, and that is how Home Goods Hardware came to life. But these aren't any old collectables; they are unique pieces different from the mainstream, which tell a different story. Sarah's most recent overseas trip has taken her to trade fairs in Indonesia, Vietnam and India. Always on the search for something just that little bit different, her travels are peppered with off-the-beaten-track product sourcing; creating new ranges with trusted manufacturers and developing long-lasting relationships with suppliers. Through these relationships, we can source the best from the best, knowing where, how and why these products are made and how they will fit into our customers' lifestyles.

Storytelling has a significant influence on Sarah's creative buying. The stories that unfold and come together make our pieces unique. Whose hands print our block-printed tablecloths? Why was the block carved in that design? What is the story behind this season's colour palette? What traditional methods are being used in creating these pieces? Stories like these are brought across the ocean and into our store to be shared with your family in your homes.

Sarah finds so much joy in sharing these worldly discoveries, especially with the wonderful people of Balnarring. This area has been a second home to Sarah and her family for many years, and her love of the Peninsula is evident in the local artists she supports throughout Home Goods Hardware as well as the coast-to-country style of wares we stock. She has that innate skill of knowing just how to create a welcoming home, what pieces it needs to bring it to life and how to creatively accessorise it. Having just returned from her latest sourcing adventure, we can't wait to share with you what wares will be coming into the store soon.

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