Georgie Paws

Windsor Collar Chalk Medium


For Hounds who like their collars lighter yet still strong, Violet designed the Windsor especially with the "Oodle" Dogs in mind... Cavoodles, Labradoodles, Cockapoos and Smoodles! Crafted from deliciously soft 4 plait Buffalo Leather to match the Windsor Lead. Real leather is used on these leads and collars because…

Leather is softer, stronger and more stable;
It resists cracking for water-loving dogs;
Absorbs and releases moisture making it comfortable to use; 
And it is religiously neutral.

  • Size: Medium 42W x 2Hcm (adjustable sizing using the plait design)
  • Material: Buffalo Leather

*The medium size fits most Border Terriers, Beagles and French Bulldogs

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