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The Sartorialist


Not since Dressing the Man has there been a definitive style guide for modern men. Into this gap steps The Sartorialist – renowned photographer and blogger Scott Schuman – which deftly combines the fashion inspiration every man wants with the style education every man needs.

The perfect guide for men seeking to find or just honing their personal expression of style in the streetwear age, The Sartorialist weaves together both inspirational visual reference and practical lessons on sartorial matters, from how to tie to a tie to how to talk to one's tailor. Celebrating all types – from Goths to Trads, tailored to vintage, Schuman blows the dust off menswear rules of the past and updates style principles for each individual's body type and taste, as well as outlines style strategies gleaned from his long experience as a photographer and fashion editor. Interwoven with Schuman's dynamic street photography are style dos and don'ts as well as insights on pioneering trends and the diversity of men's fashion.

Complementing texts about essential elements of the wardrobe, such as suits, shirts, pants, knits, outerwear, and accessories, are precise illustrations that provide an elegant primer to the foundation of menswear, from the vocabulary of shirts to the all-important fit for diverse body types. Also included are Schuman's sartorial takes on conundrums facing twenty-first-century men, from how to pose for selfies to tips for online reselling, maintenance, and sustainability.

Refreshingly contemporary and inspiring, this striking menswear bible will come to define today's essence of style.

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