Georgie Paws

Racer Lead Chalk


This is the lead with all the bells and whistles! Antique brass handmade hardware, hand plaited exquisite knot additions, the Lyndal Loop (for an easy option to keep your hound safely tethered whilst grabbing the morning coffee) and the option to take both dogs with a tandem lead. Oh, and most importantly, the super soft and equally strong Buffalo Leather. Real leather is used on these leads and collars because…

Leather is softer, stronger and more stable;
It resists cracking for water-loving dogs;
Absorbs and releases moisture making it comfortable to use; 
And it is religiously neutral.

  • Dimensions: 120cm long (recommended by dog trainers globally)
  • Material: Buffalo Leather

*Has the capability for a double attachment when walking 2 dogs.

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