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Matcha Latte Powder / 180g


Japanese Shizuoka Grade Ceremonial Matcha  | Shizuoka matcha (pronounced Shee-zoo-oh-ka) stands out as a premium matcha due to its cultivation in a region with optimal growing conditions, benefiting from unique geography and a favorable coastal climate. Rooted in centuries-old traditional farming practices, Shizuoka's ceremonial-grade matcha is a testament to mastery and heritage, characterized by its vibrant green hue, rich aroma, and nuanced flavor. This exceptional quality is accentuated by the purity and health benefits of the ceremonial-grade, reflecting high levels of chlorophyll and amino acids. Embodying both tradition and impeccable quality, Shizuoka ceremonial matcha offers an unparalleled authentic matcha experience. 

  • 180gm
  • Ingredients: Japanese ceremonial matcha powder, coconut milk powder, vanilla bean extract, coconut blossom
  • Blended and packaged in Australia from local and imported ingredients

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