Laura Ashley Drawer Sachet / Hawling Irises

Hang this sachet in your cupboard to subtly perfume your clothing while naturally repelling insects.

The Thurlby Herb Farm Laura Ashley Drawer Satchel and Hawling Irises fragrance will naturally freshen your clothing or linens and will also naturally repel insects. The floral sachet uses sandalwood oil and lemongrass in a solid base, providing a fresh, beautiful and long-lasting aroma- the sachet will remain powerful for months.

  • Australian Made: Hand Made in Walpole, Western Australia
  • Will keep clothes smelling beautifully fragranced & fresh
  • Sandalwood oil base ensures it will be long-lasting
  • Uses high-quality, natural ingredients
  • Contains no synthetic additives, parabens, or lauryl sulphates
  • Ideal gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays or yourself

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