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Kindred, The Comforting Recipes


Sisters Maria and Eva Konecsny, founders of the beloved Gewurzhaus spice stores, know that spices have the power to transform our everyday cooking. They also believe that cooking to feed our kin - whether it's chocolate semolina porridge, tender fennel roast pork or a tray of spiced Christmas cookies - can be a deeply nourishing and connective force in our lives. In Kindred, Maria and Eva take you into their homes to share the spices, seasonal rituals, traditions and recipes from their German heritage that bring their families around the table. Learn how to use spices in simple ways to elevate your cooking and discover key principles for spicing different types of food. Then, find comfort in more than 80 recipes, such as salted orange marmalade, lavender-crumbed chicken schnitzel and spiked brown cherry cake. Treasured rituals include egg dyeing at Easter, Mothers' Day mushroom foraging and the Bunter Teller, a plate of colourful cookies to share at Christmas time. Kindred will inspire you to come together with your loved ones, discover the food paths of your own kin, and transform your cooking and baking with rhythms that sustain you into the future.

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