Bow & Arrow

Khaki Poncho


 Every winter wardrobe needs a poncho, and this Bow & Arrow favourite combines all the elements of warmth and practicality to deliver a classic and enduring winter staple.

Made from soft, warm and cosy medium-weight Australian Merino wool, the Bow & Arrow poncho is the perfect layering item.

An asymmetrical cut provides shape and definition – a slim neckline with smart shoulder seam enables the fabric to fall but not sag. Subtle ribbing along the hem adds structure and detail but not fuss. A perfect item over jeans, and looks great with a shirt, skivvy or scarf, the hardest decision will be settling on a colour.

  • Material: 90 % Australian Merino Wool and 10% Cashmere.
  • Size: One size

Care: Wash in a cold gentle wool cycle on low spin, gently stretch back into shape, dry flat and out of sun.

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