Journey Fragrances

Kaua'i Gift Size Candle


By the wild shores of the Pacific Ocean, the island paradise of Kaua’i awaits discovery.  Emerald palm trees brush against a baby blue skyline. Wild frangipani blooms gently fall to your feet from branches overhead. The scent of leaf following a tropical rain shower is encapsulated by a warm, ocean breeze. Your mind and body are at one. You are in heaven. With Kaua’i, you’ll be lifted you off your feet – so let yourself float away…

  • Family: Floral, Exotic, White
  • Notes:Head: Star Jasmine Heart: Leaf, Frangipani, Lily of the Valley Base: Balsam, Rose
  • Size: 170gms, Single wick
  • Burn Time: 33hr +

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