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Beige Is Not A Color


In this color saturated volume, creative consultant and style editor Carlos Mota celebrates multi-hued manifestations of beauty, creativity, and individuality all over the world.

Bland is anathema to Carlos Mota. As he travels the world producing feature stories and ad campaigns for countless publications and companies, he exults in every spark of originality and creativity he sees. Fortunately for us, he documents his sightings with his camera. And in this volume, he has culled some 400 of his favorite images, all wholly different but all sharing one quality: the beauty of color, both literally and figuratively. There are interiors, table settings, fabric swatches, tiles, spices, floral arrangements, sculptures, architectural ornamentation – whatever captures his discerning eye. Peppered with quotes about color and beauty by a host of designers, Beige Is Not a Color is the antithesis of bland and as aspirational as it is inspirational.

About the Author

Carlos Mota is a creative consultant with extensive experience in styling, interior design, product design, and advertising campaigns. Formerly international style editor for AD and editor at large for Elle Decor, he is the author of A Touch of Style. He lives in New York.

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