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Architectural Digest - The Most Beautiful Rooms in the World


Since 1920, Architectural Digest has celebrated design talents, innovative homes, and products – providing endless decoration, lifestyle, and travel inspiration. With 10 global editions, the magazine is an authority renowned all over the world for publishing only the very best of today's interior design. Three years after the publication of The New Chic, the 2017 volume showcasing the new generation of Parisian interior designers, all the editors of Architectural Digest's 10 international editions have teamed up to thoughtfully curate a collection of 30 of today's most exceptional interiors around the globe, with each national editorial board selecting 3 projects. These diverse residential spaces span the United States to China, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, India, Mexico, and Latin America, presenting each country's unique "AD style manifesto." Brimming with stunning images and rich international inspirations, this unparalleled survey of global interiors is a must for every library of interior design

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